The game

I remember when I was 16 my mother forced to take programming classes, I thought this was a total waste of my time but I still attended the classes.

After high school I decided not to go to varsity, I got a part time job at a local café.

Ive developed many video game but I never dropped them publicly to the world I just sold copies to neighbors and friends, one I was doing research on publishing console games a few months later I dropped one of my best works Widows.

I made a few thousands from my game until I put out an ad within a few days I was millionaire.

I bought a large building and hired staff and I gave birth to a new video game company.

I began making millions from my games, I felt like a great and powerful God and that’s when began skiing down major slopes.

It started with me moving to las Vegas and I developed a habit of drinking and gambling, I began treating my staff in a poor manner everyone left journalist were writing terrible things about me and my company.

I lost fans my staff and my money the company began trading at a loss and I ended up closing down the company.

With the money I had left I gambled and lost it all.